GM2LF Big Local

The Grace Mary to Lion Farm (GM2LF) Big Local is one of 150 community–led groups throughout England and Wales who have been granted £1million to be spent over 10 years.

Unlike many other money pots this one puts us the residents in charge. It is basically the shout of local people.

The Journey so far

Since 2011, GM2LF Big Local has achieved the first four steps in what is called the Getting Started Phase of the Big Local journey. This includes:

Getting People Involved by consulting and talking with over 4000 local residents, groups and organisations to build on what is already good about the area and the needs and aspirations of those to make a change in the local community. Part of this stage involved awarding small grants to local groups to deliver activities.

Developing a shared Vision – Our formula for change is local people working together for a better life – sustaining a community that is resilient, confident and enjoyable

Forming a big local partnership that are responsible for driving GM2LF Big Local forward, making sure it remains resident led and enables local people to improve the area and achieve the long term vision. The Partnership members are local residents, and people who work or volunteer in the area. Representatives from key organisations in the area include Wallace Youth Project, St James Church, Holy Cross Church and Oakham Church. Please click here to meet the partnership

Creating a Big Local Plan which from the consultation reflects the needs, aspirations and priorities of change of local residents as they seek to use the money to make a difference within the local community. The final 2020 – 2025 Plan has been endorsed for the remaining years of the Big Local programme. 

Our  2020 – 2025 Big Local Plan and the previous other two plans can be found at the link below:

Our Big Local Plan

Local Trusted Organisation

In October 2014, Sandwell Council of Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) was commissioned by the partnership as the new ‘Local Trusted Organisation’ for GM2LF. SCVO act as the accountable body administering the money on behalf of the partnership and ensuring proper financial controls are in place. 

Our Legacy

A key part of our exit strategy for managing the end of the GM2LF Big Local programme, is the GM2LF Charity (registered charity number 1197729 ). The GM2LF Charity will have an increased access to a wide range of opportunities and a greater ability to sustain the work for the benefit of the community beyond the end of the programme.  The residents of the GM2LF area will remain at the heart of everything we do.

For further information about GM2LF Charity visit the Charity Commission website: GM2LF Charity

Contact Tracy Lowe, Chair of GM2LF Charity.  Details here

Gm2Lf a formula for change