Big Local ‘Churches as Community Hubs’ Grant

To support in addressing the priorities under the theme ‘Our Community’ grants are currently available for churches in the Grace Mary to Lion Farm area.

Grants upto £3300 are available for Churches.

Grants are available for churches, their activities and projects and must demonstrate that they meet at least one of the following outcomes:

  1. People from different neighbourhoods know each other better
  2. There is increased in voluntary activity
  3. People of different ages get to know each other better

 Funding can be used for either capital expenditure (e.g. equipment, furniture, materials, etc) or revenue costs (e.g. staff wages, venue hire costs and utilities costs). Funding can also be used for expanding existing activities or developing new activities that enhance the quality of resident’s lives in the Big Local area.

The application form and guidance can be downloaded below:

Application Form Developing Churches as Community Hubs Funding

Guidance for Full Application Developing Churches as Community Hubs

Funding is not available for individuals, however if you have a project idea and are not involved in a group, please contact the Partnership as there may be an opportunity to link in with other groups and projects.

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